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Civil Capabilities

Wajarri Holdings is a leading provider of civil construction solutions in the Mid West. We offer a comprehensive range of capabilities that have been finetuned from more than a decade’s worth of industry experience.

As a company, we are committed to delivering high quality outcomes for all our clients and we invite you to get in touch today if you have a civils project that may be a good fit for the Wajarri Holdings team.

Our full list of civil capabilities can be found below.


Key Civil Capabilities

Sub Divisions

Wajarri Holdings can assist in the subdivision of land assets both on a residential and industrial level.

Maintenance Grading

Our skilled team are well versed in grading practices to ensure optimal road surfaces and infrastructure are maintained.

Road Construction

We provide specialist road construction management services, creating durable and safe roads that can be trusted by all drivers in the Mid West.

Road Reconstruction

Wajarri Holdings can support road reconstruction projects to revitalise existing roadways.

Floor Damage Repairs

Our team can address flood repairs promptly to help maintain the structural integrity of your buildings and assets.

Car Parks

We design and construct efficient parking lot solutions for both commercial and residential needs.

Fence Lines

Secure your spaces with well-crafted fence lines that combine functionality and aesthetic.

Grid Lines

We can help lay the groundwork for your civils projects with accurate and well-planned grid lines.

Bund Walls

We offer bund wall construction services, creating containment structures that are robust, reliable, and tailored to meet specific project requirements.

Culverts and Drainage

Wajarri Holdings can assist the design and implementation of culverts and drainage systems, mitigating water-related issues and ensuring the longevity of your infrastructure.

Dust Suppresion

We can help minimise environmental impact and suppress dust from impacting the air quality and the surrounding ecosystems within mine site environments.

For more information on our civil construction services, please refer to our projects page using the link below.

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