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Mining Capabilities

Wajarri Holdings are capable of delivering a broad range of mining services to clients throughout the Mid West. From crusher feeds to haul road construction and maintenance, we can plug in and play on projects big and small. As traditional owners of the land, we can also provide guidance on environmental and social responsibility in relation to the Wajarri lands. 

We are committed to delivering high quality outcomes for all our clients. We invite you to get in touch today if you have a mining project that may be a good fit for the Wajarri Holdings team.

Our full list of mining capabilities can be found below.


Key Mining Capabilities

Production Load and Haul

We have the resources necessary to assist with loading and hauling your production, providing efficient transport of materials.

Crusher Feed

We provide crusher feed services, to streamline downstream processing and resource extraction.

Haul Road Construction

Wajarri Holdings provide haul road construction services, creating durable pathways to facilitate smooth and safe material transportation within mine sites.

Road Maintenance

We can work to maintain roads, ensuring the longevity and functionality of critical infrastructure within mine sites.

Ancillary Operations

Wajarri Holdings can address supplementary tasks integral to the mining process to enhance overall efficiency.

Dust Suppression

We can help minimise environmental impact and suppress dust from impacting the air quality and the surrounding ecosystems within mine site environments.

Exploration Gridlines

We provide the framework for systematic and comprehensive resource assessment.

Drill Pads

Our capabilities include the design and construction of drill pads, crucial for effective and safe exploration and resource extraction activities.

Bund Walls

We offer bund wall construction services, creating containment structures that are robust, reliable, and tailored to meet specific project requirements.

Dam Construction

Our team can help ensure the strategic development of structures essential for water management within mining operations.


As proud traditional owners of Wajarri land, we take our responsibility to the environment seriously and can work to rehabilitate mine sites, implementing sustainable practices to restore landscapes post-extraction, and contributing to long-term environmental health.

Rock Breaking

Wajarri Holdings use advanced techniques for rock breaking, facilitating efficient excavation and resource extraction while minimising environmental impact.

For more information on our mining services, please refer to our projects page using the link below.

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